A broad range of expert services

BXB offers many services to landowners and institutions, including:

Environmental Liability Transfer

A bespoke arrangement which enables the current landowner to pass all on and off-site, past, present and future liabilities to BXB. This arrangement passes the ‘information exclusion test’ and can be structured so a timeframe is agreed to ensure that the land does not constitute contaminated land under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act.


BXB can simply act as purchaser and acquire land. Our expertise in contaminated land provides comfort to the vendor that land is sold to an orgainsation that understands the risk. Our legal structure ensures the sale passes the information exclusion test.

Equity Partner

BXB can take on the role of financier and fund the necessary work required to remove all the development constraints from land, thus ensuring full market value is achieved. In this instance an arm’s length corporate structure is established, with BXB taking on management responsibility for all aspects of the project. These projects are structured around a profit share arrangement with the current landowner.


BXB can provide a comprehensive consultancy service. This service can commence before site closure or at a later stage. Typically, BXB will seek retention and a success fee based on the size of the transaction.