Former Vernon Carus, Mill, Hoddlesden Village, Darwen

BXB Land secured the former Vernon Carus Mill in April 2020, which benefited from two previous planning consents for residential development. of land with potential for redevelopment. The 7 acre mill was a major employer in Hoddlesden for many years. The site produced high-quality surgical dressing for export around the world and many villagers worked at Mill until its closure in 2003.

The mill building was demolished to slab in 2008 following a major fire and the site has laid and untreated since.

Due to the historic manufacturing techniques the site has an engineered watercourse running through the site, which was used for the extraction of water that was utilised in the manufacturing process and two holding tanks. The bespoke building design meant the site had an engineered fall of 15 metres over 80 metres.

Due to the stalled progress, the site had naturally regenerated and was home to Barn Owls and self seeded trees.

Public consultation was completed online due to the Covid 19 pandemic, a comprehensive campaign was undertaken to ensure all residents were reached and discussions were held with the local school to obtain an understanding of their requirements.

The BXB project team spent time considering the sites constraints and the requirements of an end user. It was decided that the historic culvert and retaining walls were unsuitable for future use. Therefore comprehensive drainage and engineering strategy was implemented on the site, against the backdrop of the site specific ecology issues.

A comprehensive planning application for 79 residential units, which included the relocation of the culvert, the reprofiling of a retaining wall, the creation of new bell mouth into the site to maximise the sites limited developable area was submitted in December 20and is expected to be granted in August 2021.