Preston Aldi and business hub approved in ‘major boost to reopening city economy’

The old Cottam Brickworks site in Preston is finally being brought back to life

The developer behind a new Aldi and business hub in Preston says the complex will be a ‘major boost in reopening the economy’ after the Covid-19 pandemic passes.

Planning permission was this morning (March 2) granted for plans at the old Cottam Brickworks site, bringing a new Aldi supermarket and some 11,500 square metres of business floorspace.

Almost 1,000 jobs are expected to be created directly and indirectly through the scheme, with 89 new homes also being built on the site.

Company BXB Cottam Properties is behind the development, with BXB director Gary Goodman saying it will provide a ‘major boost’ to the economic recovery needed after the pandemic.

“This will provide a major boost just as we are re-opening our economy and seeking to get people back to work,” Mr Goodman said.

“Our thanks go to the officers at Preston City Council for the constructive way they have approached what is a complex application.

“The site was formerly a brickworks and a landfill site and remediation is required.

“We are already on site using our in-house expertise to clean up the land and make it ready for development, and now that full planning permission has been received we can bring our timetable forward.

Around 170 full-time jobs will be created by the scheme, with a further 271 made as part of the construction phase of the development.

A further 347 jobs are expected to created indirectly in the region with an additional 167 indirect jobs created locally – making a total of more than 950.

Once up and running, £41million of additional spend is expected to be created in the local economy.

Planning consultant Peter Tooher of Nexus Planning, who advised BXB, said: “This is a large site with a number of technical issues but there has been a willingness from all sides to resolve them.

“Everyone saw the importance of providing key community infrastructure of this nature for the area’s rapidly-growing population.

“It will also remove blight, create valuable jobs and services and generate vital income and receipts for the public sector.”

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