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Gary Goodman joins Policy Liaison Group for Regeneration & Levelling Up

Gary Goodman, land and planning director of Liverpool-based land remediation and investment specialist BXB Land Solutions, has accepted an invitation to join the Policy Liaison Group for Regeneration and Levelling Up.

The group, chaired by Richard Bacon MP, provides an independent platform to facilitate a robust and constructive dialogue between industry, parliamentarians and policy makers.  Meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule to ensure an open exchange of thoughts.

“Policy makers and the general public accept that brownfield land has a central role to play in delivering sustainable land to the end user market, particularly in northern England.  It is vital to delivering the housing numbers and regeneration projects the country needs,” said Mr Goodman.

“There is market failure within the brownfield land sector, however, which limits output and adds additional barriers to its delivery. It is important that policy makers and government understand these blockages, and all stakeholders can work together to prioritise the re-use of brownfield land. I’m pleased to be able to support the dialogue with policy-makers, and look forward to engaging constructively.”