bxb land potential

Consultation for new family housing on brownfield site in Tintwistle starts.

BXB is seeking the local communities views ahead of submitting its planning application for new family homes on the former Bridge Mills site.

The former land fill site which has previously been granted planning permission for residential development is seen as key residential development opportunity because of its location within the settlement boundary. The site which has remained vacant for over 10 years has the potential to provide up to 163 new family homes in the area and deliver a key section of Trans Pennie Trail.

Gary Goodman, Development Director of BXB confirmed ‘we are working hard to formulate our planning submission for the site, however before we formally submit its essential that we seek the views of community to ensure that our development proposals are in keeping with their aspiration’s and assist in taking development pressure of greenfield sites in the area. We are confident that we can meet the communities aspairation’s as so far we’ve only received encouragement to bring the site forward for residential development. We encourage all residents to submit their views on our redevelopment proposals, this consultation follows on from the additional meetings held with local members in November. Our consultation leaflet highlights the challenging development constraints facing this brownfield site and seeks to promote the many community, economic, and planning benefits that will be delivered locally should our proposals for new family homes be approved.’